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1.                  WHAT IS LEGAL24.IN?

i.            is online advocate’s diary maintenance software who maintains advocates full detail as virtual office including client’s management system, case’s management system, associate’s management system and bill & dues management system.

ii.           is easily accessible 24 hours 7 days


2.                  WHERE LEGAL24.IN WILL BE USE?

i.            is an online virtual office, its will be use whole world its means your office with you.


3.                  WHAT ARE THE FEATURES IN LEGAL24.IN?

i.                    Datewise display of case details i.e. case no, court name, court no., Serial No. Case title, Order, Status, handover to associate

ii.                   Client information

iii.                  Case information

iv.                  Case Brief

v.                   Client Account

vi.                  Case History

vii.                 Day wise history with order

viii.                Status of case i.e. under preparation, filed etc…

ix.                  View/Edit facility for associate

x.                   Online its means 24hour 365 days

xi.                  Alert by SMS/email/display

xii.                 Search by date, case title, number, district etc…

xiii.                Print Bill, Receipt, Visiting Card and Letter on Letter Pad etc…

xiv.                Print option


4.                  WHY LEGAL24.IN IS necessary?

i.                     Legal24in is an online diary maintenance system especially for advocates, who are practicing in any court/forum of India. This software is fully secured by username and password and has facilities of associate account. The will be alert on the date by email or SMS with information of case, court number etc...


5.                  HOW TO SECURE?

i.            is secured and password protected, Your data will not be shares and you have option to create associate’s account under your main account.

ii.                    Associates have option to choose given facilities as edit or view option. If you given edit option then he/she will be able to edit but delete facilities not available to associate.


6.                  HOW TO USE?

i.                     Very easy log on and create account and user name and password will be personal for you.

ii.                    Create client account as fill details with next date of case.

iii.                  Check by date

iv.                  Create Case in the client list


7.                  HOW TO SOLVE DIFFUCULTIES?

i.                     Company is providing customer care by online, chat and phone

ii.                    In case your internet is not working you have option to call on customer care.


8.                  HOW MUCH CHARGE?

i.                     First Rs. 100 credit facilities is FREE

ii.                    Re 1 per day is general charges

iii.                  Re 1 per SMS


9.                  what ARE THE PROMOTIONAL BENEFITS?

i.                     First Rs. 100 credit free

ii.                    If charge Rs. 10 get Rs. 8

iii.                   If charge Rs. 50 get Rs. 50

iv.                   If charge Rs. 100 get Rs. 110

v.                    If charge Rs. 200 get Rs. 250

vi.                   If charge Rs. 500 get Rs. 650

vii.                 If charge Rs. 1000 get Rs. 1200

 10.              how to RECHARGE

i.                     Recharge coupon is also available on your nearest shop

ii.                    And the code will be entered on your account

 11.              WHO ARE THE OWNER OF LEGAL24.IN

i.                     General Invention & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is a private limited company




  1.  24 घंटें 365 दिन
  2.  विश्वव्यापी
  3.  कहीं भी, कभी भी, हमेषा आपके साथ
  4.  मुवक्किल का पूरा विवरण
  5.  मुकदमें का पूरा विवरण
  6.  मुकदमें का इतिहास जैसे कब लगा, क्या स्थिति है, क्या कब हुआ और किस जूनियर ने देखा
  7.  जूनियर व मुंषी व अन्य स्टाफ के प्रयोग हेतु जिसे कि आप कहीं पर भी रह कर स्थिति जान सकते हैं।
  8.  अलग से डायरी रखने की जरूरत नहीं।
  9.  हर साल डायरी में अपडेट करनें की जरूरत नहीं।
  10.  मुकदमें की तारीख पर याद दिलाये।
  11.  कितना फीस व खर्च बाकी है उसका भी विवरण रखे
  12.  मुवक्किल को आपके अनुसार सूचना जैसे मुकदमें की तारीख व Dues SMS व E-mail से भेजे।
  13.  Dues का SMS रोज, सप्ताहिक, मासिक भेजे।
  14.  तलाश करना बहुत आसान - मुकदमें के नाम, नम्बर, मुवक्किल के नाम व मोबाइल नं0, तारीख के अनुसार आसानी से खोजे।
  15.  आपकी सूचना किसी अन्य को शेयर नहीं।
  16.  आपके अपने मोबाइल पर भी चलें।











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